Click here to request our MMARS Free Edition.

We offer a totally FREE Edition of MMARS that you can try out either of 2 ways:

Fictitious Data: We provide you with complete access to a realistic set of data, with both state and interim assessment test results. The data include a full set of pre-built reports, and access to all our resources to learn how to use, interpret, and understand the content. We’ll set you up with credentials, offer a remote online introduction, and let you try it out. In addition to the powerful, pre-built Ready Reports Inbox, you also get access to our DIY reporting tools (just in case, although not necessary, you want to see how to do it yourself). We can generally have this ready for you the next day.

YOUR data: Per our Data Privacy Agreement, you can securely upload multiple years of your state testing data to us. We’ll set you up with an account on our secure ShareFile portal for transferring your student results data files, then build you a custom database on our secure MMARS reporting site. We’ll provide you with MMARS login credentials and a brief, personalized, remote online “reveal”, with basic instructions (it’s really easy). We can have this ready for you within 1-3 days after we receive your data.

Note that we don’t “give away the farm”. But, we do provide a lot of useful data! Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Unlimited access to your own prior year data, so you can see how all the multi-year summaries and pupil reports work.

  2. Limited access to current, new data, including multi-year growth trends. We can do that multiple ways:

    • Full access to districtwide summary reports, including subgroups, OR

    • Full, unrestricted access to all data for a single school. This includes multi-year summaries and pupil reports. OR

    • Full unrestricted access to all data, districtwide, for a single grade-level. This includes multi-year summaries and pupil reports.

We’re available to help, explain, and demonstrate, all along the way. And, we can setup multiple accounts for your other interested stakeholders. The best part is, you don’t have to create any of the reports! It’ll all be pre-built and waiting for you. All you do is click, view, and WOW!