1. Who are we and what do we do?

    • Multiple Measures is an ed-tech company, started in 2003, with a passion to deliver actionable data to administrators and teachers, to help improve educational outcomes for all students.

    • Assessment reporting services for K-12 school districts and charter schools throughout the U.S.

    • We are not an assessment company.

    • Analytics / graphics / visualization for pupils, groups, and subgroups. Automated, and electronically delivered to all stakeholders, including district administrators, principals, and teachers.

    • We report ANY annual or periodic assessment.

  2. What tests do we support?

    • State tests / high stakes ELA and Math tests (SBAC / SAGE / PARCC / STAAR / M-STEP, independent) for any state.

    • Other compulsory state tests (EL, SWD, science, etc).

    • Interim / benchmark tests from major publishers (NWEA-MAP, iReady Diagnostic, Renaissance STAR, SRI, SMI, Study Island, PSAT, DRA, MARS qAssess, Dibels, etc.). We have the ability to set up any annual or periodic test, even if not currently supported.

    • District-built tests, including classroom/course grades.

  3. How do we differentiate from other vendors?

    • Assessment Data Warehouse: ALL your assessments; one-tool, one interface, similar reports. Since we are not an assessment company, we don't create, scan, or score assessments, and we are therefore impartial. We support ALL annual and periodic tests. You report whatever you want with MMARS™. The test builders (e.g. assessment companies) are supportive of our efforts to augment and enhance the reporting of their instruments.

    • Batch processing: Automated, iterative reports for each school and/or each teacher. With one instruction, created in less than 30 seconds, Multiple Measures builds hundreds, or even thousands of reports for your audiences, automatically and quickly.

    • Ready Reports™ Library / Inbox: Pre-built and create-your-own. Secure role-based electronic distribution to all stakeholders at all levels/roles: district administrators, principals, and teachers.

    • ReadySSR™: Comprehensive student-centric Individual Student Profile reports for each student. Multiple tests, multiple years/terms - a complete assessment history. Includes tools for composing and tracking Educator Notes and Evidence/Documents, per-student, for intervention, IEPs, discipline, anything you want.

    • Jux™ (short for juxtaposition – graphical side-by-side comparative reporting): Compare years, terms, subjects, claims/clusters, schools, grades, teachers, and subgroups, and teachers.

    • Matched-student pre-post growth reporting at pupil and aggregate levels:

      • Proprietary FPL™ metric: Fractional Performance Level™. Allows for computation of granular/fractional PL changes (to the hundredth), based on scale scores interpolated "between the bands".

      • DFS metric: Distance from Standard (or equivalent measure of the "lowest obtainable scale score" to be proficient / met standard). Allows for computation of positive/negative growth. Uses cut-scores defined by the Department of Education.

      • Pupil Growth: FPL™, change in FPL™, DFS, and change in DFS are available on reports.

      • Aggregate Improvement/Decline: Frequency distributions for change in FPL™ and change in DFS are available at district, school, grade, subgroup, AND teacher levels – enabling you to quantify the Instructional Impact, year-over-year and term-to-term.

    • Classroom reports, with your rosters: Pupil lists, aggregate summaries, and comparative teacher growth reports.

      • By teacher (and period) for the "as-tested" school year.

      • By teac her (and period) for the new school year (incoming students).

    • Intuitive User Interface: For the pre-built Inbox, your reports are clearly organized and named, and easily available to view/print/download/email/share. For create-your-own reports, we offer an intuitive, guided process to choose who, what, when, and where.

    • Speed / performance: Our reports, even summaries with large student counts, are displayed in seconds. No need to wait and/or come back later to confirm completion, and then download. No need to initiate each report separately.

    • Output: In addition to attractive on-screen display, we offer all reports in print-friendly PDF format, and we offer the underlying pupil or aggregate data via Excel.

  4. How much training is required to learn how to use MMARS™?

    • None. To access pre-built reports, the end user simply needs to login and click the links to the reports in their Report Inbox. That's it! The user will only see reports that are pertinent to their role.

    • To learn how to create-your-own reports (DIY), you can use any of our basic, dynamic, or batch methods. We offer free remote online training to district and site administrators. 30 minutes is typically sufficient, although we remain available (indefinitely) for follow-up questions and assistance. We also have a variety of online resources available to help.

    • At any time, you have the option to ask us to create reports -- for you, or for your stakeholders, on your behalf.

  5. Who can run and view reports?

    • MMARS™ online access is role-based, and available to district administrators, principals, and teachers. Each user can see only the students and/or reports that pertain to their role.

  6. What kind of customer support do we offer?

    • Live telephone, email, chat, and remote online assistance, during the business day.

  7. What is our turnaround time for loading new pupil data/scores?

    • Currently supported tests: 1-3 business days

    • New tests: approx. 3-4 weeks

  8. What types of special accountability reports do we offer?

    • In California, we do several specialized reports, including CA Dashboard - Academic Indicator estimates for ELA & Math, English Learner Subgroup Self Assessment (ELSSA), Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAO), RFEP Candidates, EAP Status Lists, and more.

    • Similar reports in other geographies will be offered, once we become more familiar with each territory.

  9. How much does MMARS cost?

    • Starting at $2.50 per student enrolled, annual subscription, for State testing (includes all compulsory annual State tests); $1,000 minimum ($500 for small schools).
      ($1.75 per-student for SSDA and CCSA members, or for direct referrals).

    • $1.00 additional per student for our Premium Edition, which includes:

      • Full term-to-term reporting for interim/benchmark/periodic assessments; additional minimums apply.

      • CA Dashboard - Academic Indicator estimates.

      • Student Dashboard - Individual Student Profile reports for each admin/teacher.

    • Negotiated discounts may be available to large school districts.

  10. What about student student privacy?

    • We take the privacy of your student data seriously. Multiple Measures has the highest of standards, and has been working with student data for over 15 years.

    • All exchanges and reporting of data use secure encryption.

    • We are fully compliant with FERPA, COPPA, PPRA, SOPIPA, CSDPA, and all local legislation.